Buckminster Fuller, Geodesic
“They” say that is that the Occupy Movement is too broad, generalized and not targeting a specific issue and that it does not have one spokesperson.  Although this statement is usually couched as a criticism, actually it’s a great thing!!

Finally, we’re coming around to appreciate and honor Buckminster Fuller’s view (as revealed in detail throughout “A Fuller View”) that “we the people” need to take charge and recognize that specialization is how the less than one percent dominates the rest of us.  For them, it’s all about “divide and conquer, and to keep conquered, keep divided.”  That’s how they’ve done it since kings made other men who had knowledge and skills into lords and dukes who served the king, and that’s what continues.

Check out the video below to hear Bucky himself talk about what he was up to in 1977 that is now being re-created through the Occupy Movement.

Specialization is killing life on our tiny Spaceship Earth, and the Occupy Movement is now beginning to encompass everyone and everything in order to champion life, love and happiness rather than war, fear and suffering.  People are emerging to follow in Bucky’s footsteps as a “Comprehensive, Anticipatory Design Scientists.”  For simplicity, just call us “Comprehensivists,” and join us in returning to the days when you were wide-eyed, young and interested in EVERYTHING!

As Bucky wrote in 1970  …
“I observe that every child demonstrates a comprehensive curiosity.  Children are interested in everything and are forever embarrassing their specialized parents by the wholeness of their interests.  Children demonstrate right from the beginning that their genes are organized to help them to apprehend, comprehend, coordinate and employ - in all directions.”

This is our natural state of being, and it was common before the leaders of the industrial revolution began indoctrinating us into believing that we had to “earn a living” or as Bucky so often rephrased it “earn our right to be alive.”  Through the media and other avenues, those in power indoctrinated us into this mindset so that they could have more poorly paid (and a few well paid but also miserable) workers to fuel their profits.  That, my friends, is the Grunch, and the Occupy Movement is the David ready to slay the entire Grunch of Giants.

Bucky talked and wrote about all this and more.  If he were still operating out of a physical body today (and he just might be in a reincarnated form), he would be a spokesperson for the Occupy Movement.  Fortunately, the pattern integrity Buckminster Fuller lives on, and his vast archive of his writing and speaking is available to continually inspire us to be fully participating comprehensive problem solvers in support of eternally regenerative Universe.

May we all come to awaken to our true nature as radiant, comprehensive, omni-inclusive beings.

Bucky talking about his then 50 Year Experiment that lasted
until his death in 1983.

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