Buckminster Fuller's invention -  Dymaxion Dwelling Unit built during World War II from conventional grain bins.
Sir Norman Forster built a 4th Dymaxion Vehicle during the past couple years.  Now, it is on display in an amazing exhibition, which is where he was recently speaking when he said Fuller's teachings are "more valid and relevant than when he was alive."  (The video of his talk can be seen below.)

This is true as we're much closer to the edge of choosing "oblivion" rather than "utopia" during this our "final examination."  From 1933 until his death in 1983, Bucky warned us that we humans were in a final examination to determine weather we were a "worthwhile to Universe experiment."  The way so many are behaving with greed, war and hoarding, it appears that the answer is "no."

The issue was also reflected in the title of his book "Utopia or Oblivion," but he always optimistically argued in favor of the success of all humankind.  Norman Foster recognized this, and continues to pay homage to Bucky.

I attempted to get Lord Foster to write an essay for my new book "A Fuller View," but that did not happen.  Perhaps he will have time to write something for Volume #2, which is now in process.
Buckminster Fuller, Nature's Pencil
"I'm not trying to imitate nature, I'm trying to find the pencil she's using."
-  Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller never gave up his search to find “Nature’s pencil.” Like so many geniuses, he was constantly searching for the essence of how things worked best. And when he found such solutions in Nature, he applied them to his projects. Thus, we have his most famous invention – the geodesic dome – modeled after structures he found in Nature.

Still, his methodology is perfect for almost any quest. Bucky (and others who are wise enough to realize that Nature is far more effective and efficient than humans) constantly seek the next evolution of ideas, and the really cleaver people always look to Nature first.  If all humans were to make that simple change in solving problems and other activities, we would realize that there are enough resources to support everyone.  Then, all we need to do is be very careful in using exactly enough. Not too much and not too little.

Nature’s pencil is such a sustainable model. She writes and draws with a precision and exactness that humans have difficulty understanding or modeling. Still, people like Bucky and many of today’s great minds continue to search because they know that the exploration is as important as reaching the goal.  They also know that we humans need to learn all we can about Nature and how she uses the exact amount of resources in order to manifest Fuller’s vision of “a world that works for everyone” on the tiny planet he named “Spaceship Earth.”

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