My new book A Fuller View, Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All shares much of Fuller’s wisdom and many of the unique solutions and comprehensive perspective Fuller (who wanted everyone to call him Bucky) offers us.  He often talked and wrote about love in both his prose and poetry, and most people felt his genuine love and compassion whenever he spoke or simply showed up somewhere.

At this critical time in human evolution, we need to recognize and express the universality and importance of kindness, compassion and love just as Bucky did during his adult life.  Certainly, we will make mistakes and act in ways that are not kind, compassionate or loving.  Bucky made such mistakes - which he labeled “learning experiences,” but his continual frame of reference was that love is “omni-inclusive and progressively exquisite.”

He included everyone and everything in his expanding sphere of love, and that is reflected in the simple quote, “Love is metaphysical gravity.”  Because of his great love for the whole, Bucky worked on behalf of all humankind for most of his life and was extremely successful in the eyes of his fellow crewmembers on board the planet he named Spaceship Earth.

He lived the last 56 years of his life (1927 - 1983) as a personal experiment to determine and document what one individual could achieve that could not be accomplished by any government, corporation or organization.  He was a man who lived and learned from direct experience.  Here is an excerpt from A Fuller View that touches understanding of that not easily understood love. 

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“Love is metaphysical gravity.”

Commentary by Gary Zukav

Bucky said, “Love is metaphysical gravity.” I agree. What else could it be? Without gravity you would float like an astronaut in a spacecraft. Up and down would mean nothing to you. Your slightest motion would send you tumbling head over feet or rolling uncontrollably. If you pushed hard against a wall, you would shoot backward fast until you hit another wall. If the lights in the spacecraft went out, you would have no way at all of orienting yourself.

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Commentary by Steven Sieden

Buckminster Fuller often spoke of love, but his definition was far from our romantic idea of the concept. For Bucky, love was all pervasive and inclusive of everyone and everything. Thus, the term “metaphysical gravity.”

As far as we know, gravity is a universal cosmic principle.  It exists everywhere and cannot be escaped while operating in physical reality, and in the realm of the metaphysical (things that cannot be experienced by our physical senses), the same is true of love.  It pervades everything.  It is the cosmic glue that binds us into a universal oneness that is now reemerging as more needed and relevant than ever on Spaceship Earth.

Another of Bucky’s more poetic explanations of love is,

“Love is omni-inclusive,
Progressively exquisite,
Understanding and tender
And compassionately attuned
To other than self.”

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May all people come to understand and appreciate the true nature of Love as it pervades every aspect of our existence.

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