Buckminster Fuler
Last Friday night, I was in a workshop led by world-renowned psychic Ainslie MacLeod.  Although MacLeod’s focus was past lives and how awareness of them can transform your life, I was again blessed to feel my connection with one of my primary guides - Bucky Fuller.

The heart of the event was Ainslie’s latest book “Transformation: Healing Your Past-Life Fears to Realize Your Soul’s Potential,” but for me it was more about allowing than transforming.  Allowing Bucky to experience the event through my physical senses.  Allowing his wisdom to flow through me when I spoke with others.  And allowing the spirit of his essential pattern integrity to explore past lives that we have shared as I “watched the show.”

Ainslie provided the audience much more than a book reading.  In his laidback yet potent style, he gave them everything they needed to explore past lives and heal wounds that they may have been hold on to for lifetimes.  In less than two hours, he shared a multitude of success stories from his work with clients and led participants through a brief, yet powerful guided meditation in which they could experience a past life and possibly release any trauma that the life was still causing in this life.

For me, it was a multi-faceted exploration as I witnessed a past life in which I interacted with the essence of Bucky Fuller.  And even though that life ended in what most would judge as an unpleasant manner, I felt a new sense of potential.  I also felt that Bucky was watching over us and blessing us with his presence as we each did what we could to evolve and contribute to others.

For me, this is the magic of such events, and I hope to share that essence of Bucky Fuller with more people as I begin to facilitate our next phase events.  And I am honored to set out on this unique journey with the gracious support and encouragement of the pattern integrity and spirit known as Buckminster Fuller.

May all people find their true Guide and Guidance, within and without.

Buckminster Fuller Talking About Human on Earth.