Since everyone seems to be evaluating the Supreme Court ruling that Obamacare will be the law of the land in 2014, I thought might be good to run the plan through Buckminster Fuller’s evaluation criterion.  As a “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist” (a title he created), Bucky (as he preferred to be called) posed solution to many problems, including ones that have yet to appear.

Although he is most famous as the inventor of the geodesic dome, he also created a “56 Year Experiment” to determine and document what one individual could achieve that could not be accomplished by any government, corporation, religion or institution no matter how large or powerful.  And he used himself as “Guinea Pig B” in that experiment from 1927 until his death in 1983.

In all his endeavors, both physical and metaphysical (non-physical), he used a single measuring stick to determine if a building, invention, book or other project was finished and complete.  He said,

“When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty.  I only think about how to solve the problem.  But when I have finished; if the solution is not beautiful; I know it is wrong.”

Thus, beauty becomes the final arbitrator of the perfect solution.  This is obvious in nature.  We never see an ugly flower, bird or tree.  If anything in nature becomes diseased and begins to loose its beauty (even though this is in the eye of the beholder), it soon dies and disappears.  Still, it remains beautiful during its ageing process.

This is also true of humanly created solutions, inventions and artifacts.  The truly beautiful ones remain.  What do the Magna Carta, the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the Mona Lisa, Stonehenge, the Pyramid of Giza and Machu Picchu all have in common?  Most humans consider them beautiful and they have outlived similar artifacts created that were created at the same time.

These artifacts are simple, elegant and easy to understand.  Does our new Obamacare plan meet these criteria?   Not from my perspective.  It’s complicated, confusing and does not give “we the people” what we want.

Most US citizens want excellent health care for themselves and their loved ones, and if they have that, they’re not opposed to others having the same - as long as others don’t take anything away from them or their loved ones.  Most of us also don’t believe that we can have such care.  Unlike Europeans, we also don’t believe that we deserve such care.

So Obamacare is not beautiful, and it does not provide what we want and need.  Therefore, it’s wrong.  It is one small step in the right direction, but it is by no means a genuine solution.  The one good thing that many Republicans say is that they want to get elected so they can repeal Obamacare and create something better.  Better and beautiful would work.

The real issue is how do we pay for such elegant, simple, easy to use health care.  Again, Bucky has a solution that is beautiful - weaponry to livingry.  We need to shift our attention, intention and resources from trying to kill other people to supporting livingry - those things that sustain life such as health care, education, housing, sustainable energy etc.

As Bucky often reminded his audiences,

"Humanity has the option to become successful on our planet if we reorient world production away from weaponry - from killingry to livingry.  Can we convince humanity in time?"

Can we convince our government officials that we want universal health care not bombers, that we want universal education rather than aircraft carriers, that we want an end to hunger instead of an invasion of another country?  Bucky doubted that was possible, and I agree.  The US government is no longer capable of responding to the will of “we the people” because it is being manipulated by what Bucky labeled the Grunch (Gross Universal Cash Heist) looking for profits above all else.

Nothing that the Grunch produces is complete or beautiful.  It’s creations, including Obamacare, are always shortsighted, ugly and self-serving.  Now, at this critical juncture in human history, is the time for us to stand up for beauty, justice and the unselfish support of all life on board Spaceship Earth.  It’s time for real change in all our systems, including healthcare, as we make the vital shift from weaponry to livingry.