“We now have the resources, technology and knowhow to make of this world a 100% physical success.”  - Buckminster Fuller

Steven Sieden’s new book A Fuller View, Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All shares much of Fuller’s wisdom and many of the unique solutions and comprehensive perspective Fuller (who wanted everyone to call him Bucky) provides.  He would often say that we are five billion (now seven billion) billionaires who have not yet realized our true wealth and abundance.

This is more true today than ever, and this view comes from someone who proved the viability of the cultural trend toward realizing that we are all wealthy beyond our wildest dreams and can use our wealth and power to make a difference in our lives and the lives of future generations.  Bucky worked on behalf of all humankind for most of his life and was extremely successful in the eyes of his fellow crewmembers on board the planet he named Spaceship Earth.

He lived the last 56 years of his life (1927 - 1983) as a personal experiment to determine and document what one individual could achieve that could not be accomplished by any government, corporation or organization.  He was a man who lived and learned from direct experience.  Here is an excerpt from A Fuller View that covers this critical concept of comprehensive abundance. 

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“We now have the resources, technology and knowhow to make of this world a 100% physical success.”  - Buckminster Fuller

Commentary by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Buckminster Fuller evolved my life in so many ways. The first was when I read his book Utopia or Oblivion in the 1960s. I was on a search for answers to two questions that arose in my mind after the US dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. “What is the meaning of all our new powers that is good? What are positive images of the future equal to these powers?”

In my search I read through religion, philosophy and technology. I found this quote from Utopia or Oblivion, and it changed my life and gave me the clue to the answer to my question. Bucky offered his Design Science Revolution as an answer. He had probed deeply into the way nature works. He said, “Humanity is undergoing a viability test…” At that time he told us we had fifty years to demonstrate our viability… or fail.

This is exactly what is happening. It’s about fifty years since I read it. His insights galvanized me to try to understand how we could work with nature to transform the world.

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Commentary by Steven Sieden

This simple statement represents the essence of Buckminster Fuller’s most famous campaigns and is the hallmark of almost all of his work. He focused much of his life on educating people to this basic truth. And he was constantly crusading for the success of all people by reminding his audiences that such a feat was not just some pie-in-the-sky possibility but rather a necessity if humankind is to survive and thrive.

Bucky would often recount that success is now the single option available for the success of humankind, and that it had to be the success of everybody or nobody.  This paradigm shift from “you or me” to “you and me” is essential to his message and the welfare of future generations.

Although he also worked in and talked about unseen metaphysical realms, Bucky is known for championing the fact that we now have the ability to support all people at a higher standard of living than anyone currently experiences. He was making this seemingly outlandish statement in the late 1970’s, and it is as true today as it was then.

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May we all wake up to realize our abundance and share our gifts with all life on Earth, today and throughout future generations.

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Bucky & livingry - Dome & Dymaxion Vehicle
"It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a mater of converting the high technology from weaponry to livingry." -  Buckminster Fuller

Although most of the Occupy Movement people do not realize that their vision is nearly 90 years old, Bucky was constantly contending that big corporations and the military industrial complex were the cause of many of humankind’s problems.  It must also be noted that he said that multi-national corporations also hold the best hope for creating a successful global strategy because they have broken through national boundaries.

In other words, corporations already have the international systems we need to create a world that works for everyone.  They just need to shift their focus from making money to making sense.

On an even larger scale, shifting our resources and attention from weaponry to livingry is the solution to all humankind’s physical problems here on our tiny, fragile Spaceship Earth. It’s just that simple. All we need to do is shift less than half (approximately 40%) of our global military budget from things that take life (weaponry such as the US protecting itself from a Soviet Union invasion or trying to control oil in the Mideast) to things that support life (livingry – food, education, roads, housing, etc.).

In the 1930’s Bucky made a manual inventory of all the world’s resources with no computers or calculators.  He correctly determined that we were doing so much more with less resources that we would reach a point when there would be enough to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than anyone has known. He also determined that the paradigm shift to sufficiency and abundance for all would take place in 1976.

It has now been proven that in 1976 we reached the point where there was enough food on Earth to feed everyone. Still, 50,000 people continue to die of starvation every day while a huge percentage of our resources remain focused on weaponry rather than livingry. This is true of all areas of human existence.

We are living on abundant planet where each of us can have all that we want and need without taking from another. Thus, war and the politics of competition are obsolete. We just need to wake up to the reality of cooperation in which we are all rich beyond our wildest dreams.  Then everyone can focus his or her time and energy on the things we love so that we may each make our full contribution to others.

This Bucky Fuller Vision as expressed in “A Fuller View” and his path to global and personal success as expressed in “Buckminster Fuller’s Universe.”  It helps manifest the abundant Universe in which we all thrive and prosper while supporting a sustainable culture on Spaceship Earth.  And it is available to us all - right here, right now - if we chose to step into it.

Bucky Explains Limited Liability of Corporations
& How It Has Damaged Humankind

Sir Norman Forster built a 4th Dymaxion Vehicle during the past couple years.  Now, it is on display in an amazing exhibition, which is where he was recently speaking when he said Fuller's teachings are "more valid and relevant than when he was alive."  (The video of his talk can be seen below.)

This is true as we're much closer to the edge of choosing "oblivion" rather than "utopia" during this our "final examination."  From 1933 until his death in 1983, Bucky warned us that we humans were in a final examination to determine weather we were a "worthwhile to Universe experiment."  The way so many are behaving with greed, war and hoarding, it appears that the answer is "no."

The issue was also reflected in the title of his book "Utopia or Oblivion," but he always optimistically argued in favor of the success of all humankind.  Norman Foster recognized this, and continues to pay homage to Bucky.

I attempted to get Lord Foster to write an essay for my new book "A Fuller View," but that did not happen.  Perhaps he will have time to write something for Volume #2, which is now in process.
Synergy, Butterfly
“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.” Buckminster Fuller

Bucky Fuller was not the first or the last to remind people of this truth that transformation is usually not apparent to the untrained perspective. He was, however, unique in teaching that such not perceived outcomes usually represent something he labeled “synergy.”

Synergy is not a term that Bucky coined, but he did move it from an obscure scientific phrase into the popular use that it has today. It does not, however, mean what most people think it does.

Synergy is not some magical thing that causes extraordinary results when people work together. It is behavior of whole systems that cannot be predicted by behavior of the individual parts of the system when observed separately.

In the case of the caterpillar, the parts of the system include the various elements of the caterpillar’s body, the chrysalis it creates, the food and water it ingests, air, sunlight, etc.  Looking at each of these elements, including the caterpillar itself, a person would be hard pressed to say that the caterpillar will become a butterfly.

However, when all of those elements come together in the right moment, the result is a beautiful butterfly. The whole system behaves in a way that cannot be predicted by observing its individual elements.

To an uneducated child, the entire process seems magical, but once that child has a direct experience of the butterfly’s transformation (be it by personal observation or teaching), the process is no longer synergy to her or him. A new element has been added to that transformational system, and that new element is knowledge.

With knowledge, synergy disappears because the transformation caterpillar to butterfly can be predicted by observing the parts of the system. It’s still an amazing transformation, but it is predictable.  The ultimate synergy of synergies then becomes an unknowable perspective some call God.

Buckminster Fuller, Geodesic Dome
"I live on Earth at present, and I don't know what I am. I know that I am not a category.  I am not a thing — a noun.  I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of  Universe."  - R. Buckminser Fuller

If you believe yourself to be a thing (a noun), you limit yourself to your physical body and reality.   The physical you (or me) can see, smell, taste, touch and hear, but it can't experience emotions, take action or come up with new ideas.  The inactive noun perspective of life leaves out all the pleasure, pain and activity that make us human.

Following Bucky's wisdom, all people are verbs, and these days most people are like Bucky, very active verbs.   We're doing a lot, and we're continuing to be more than our ancestors ever imagined possible.  We're in the process of continually evolving and doing our best to make ourselves better in every way.

We do, however, need to remember that we are each here for a purpose that supports all life and the evolution of our species and our tiny Spaceship Earth.  The shift from weaponry to "livingry" that Bucky championed for most of his life is more important than ever, especially as we all begin to truly Occupy Spaceship Earth.

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