Money, Buckminster Fuller sa
Politicians, “leaders” and every form of media are all talking about creating more jobs, but do people really want jobs?  I think not.  They want INCOME, not jobs.

Nobody want to “work for a living,” which Buckminster Fuller said is equivalent to being told that you have to work to earn your right to live.  Yes, we all want to contribute to others and the world.  Yes, we all want to be productive members of society.  Yes, we all want to be creative and do our fair share, but what is a person’s “fair share” in today’s world?

If we truly live in an abundant, friendly Universe on an abundant planet, then there is enough to go around.  In fact, many scholars have proven that there are more than enough resources to support all life on Earth.  Bucky did the same studies and determined that in 1976 we reached a point in time when there was more than enough to support all life in a sustainable manner.

In fact, he was quick to maintain that we are a planet inhabited by billionaires who don’t know that we are billionaires.  And he was not talking about people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.  He was talking about you and me as well as the 50,000 people who die of starvation every day.

And, we billionaires no longer have to work for a living.  It’s all here for us when we liberate ourselves from the beliefs foisted on us by a few greedy people who hoard and have us believing that there is not enough to go around.  It’s just not true.

We do, however, need to make a fundamental shift in the use of all resources, and that shift is from weaponry to livingry, from competition to cooperation and from fear to love.  That’s all it takes, and each of us can begin with our own lives.  Then, we can stop begging for more jobs that we don’t really want and begin to live our birthright as billionaires.

May we all realize the abundance and bounty that pervades every aspect of our lives and share our true wealth with all sentient beings.

Actor playing Bucky shares wisdom.  Everything he says was said or written by Bucky, but it's easier to understand in this form.

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