Buckminster Fuller with Geodesic Dome Glasses
Steve Jobs made a huge difference in the world.  I've never used a PC.  Always and only a Mac.  However, Jobs was not looking to do what needed to be done on behalf of the most people and all life.  Jobs initial intention and focus throughout his life was making money.

Bucky said, "You can make money or you can make sense.  The two are mutually exclusive."

Yes, people end up making enormous contributions even though the start with the intention of making money.  That's the Bucky honey-money syndrome.  The bee goes out to get the honey (-money) and actually does something that serves our entire planet - pollination.  Jobs was an excellent worker bee, but he did not contribute his true genius to benefit the many.  Apple products are generally for the BMW crowd.  (Yup, I'm an exception.  I  drive a Mini Cooper - BMW's poor stepchild.)

Bucky's intention, on the other hand, was always to make sense.  In fact, in 1927 he committed to never work for a living, and for the last few decades he had an income of about $250,000 (translates to over $1,000,000 per year today).  He always focused on making a difference and never on the illusion of making a living, or as he put it "earning your right to live."

It's time for us to shift from having to earn our right to live to realizing that we are all alive and we have a right to the support of our abundant Universe.  All we need to do is shift our focus and resources from weaponry to livingry.

May we all make a contribution even greater than Buckminster Fuller and Steve Jobs.

10/7/2011 03:49:45 pm

Intention is difficult to evaluate. I suspect there was more to Steve Jobs than you might expect.

Good thoughts sir.

Steven (Trimtab) Sieden
10/7/2011 06:09:51 pm

Thanks Michael. The one advantage humans have over all organizations, corporations and other institutions is that we can think and act. No doubt Mr. Jobs was a genius, but we never got to see much of his "human" side, and we don't know what he did with all that money. Hopefully, he was insightful enough to devote some of the vast resources he controlled to livingry in support of all life on Spaceship Earth.

1/25/2012 12:30:02 pm

Steven, while Bucky made $250K a year, Jobs paid himself $1. With his best friend, Larry Ellison, spending money on the biggest yachts in the world, Jobs lived, relatively-speaking, quite modestly. He invested his time in building products that put a human face on technology, and I think, really have only begun putting a "dent in the universe." While the first Mac was expensive, relative to what? Some IBM PC clone? It is my opinion that without Steve Jobs, living in the information age would be Windows-based dominated by algorithms only an elite corp of engineers understood. Jobs made technology a vehicle for human expression. A means for actualizing one's dreams. He single-handedly democratized previously monopolistic or moribund industries like music, film, telecommunications, and computing. Bucky "thought different" and Steve Jobs "thought different." Jobs died at 56. He supposedly had no foundations like Bill Gates but I think he felt he was making the world a better, more connected, more vital place through technology. I think Bucky did and felt the same. We haven't even begun to see how Steve Jobs' legacy at Apple will put more creative power in the hands of the disenfranchised as well as those who can afford to buy Apple's newest gadget. As you well know, technology gets exponentially cheaper. Now you can get an iphone for $50. "My favorite things in life are books. My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time." -- Steve Jobs. I think he made the most of his time on Spaceship Earth and I think he will be remembered for using technology, like Bucky advised, to lift human beings up. (I look forward to reading "A Fuller View").

1/27/2012 02:25:01 pm

Is it true that Steve Jobs once gave Buckminster Fuller a tour of Apple's office c. 1983?

L. Steven Sieden
1/27/2012 03:14:39 pm


I don't think that happened. Bucky died July 1, 1983.


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