“We now have the resources, technology and knowhow to make of this world a 100% physical success.”  - Buckminster Fuller

Steven Sieden’s new book A Fuller View, Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All shares much of Fuller’s wisdom and many of the unique solutions and comprehensive perspective Fuller (who wanted everyone to call him Bucky) provides.  He would often say that we are five billion (now seven billion) billionaires who have not yet realized our true wealth and abundance.

This is more true today than ever, and this view comes from someone who proved the viability of the cultural trend toward realizing that we are all wealthy beyond our wildest dreams and can use our wealth and power to make a difference in our lives and the lives of future generations.  Bucky worked on behalf of all humankind for most of his life and was extremely successful in the eyes of his fellow crewmembers on board the planet he named Spaceship Earth.

He lived the last 56 years of his life (1927 - 1983) as a personal experiment to determine and document what one individual could achieve that could not be accomplished by any government, corporation or organization.  He was a man who lived and learned from direct experience.  Here is an excerpt from A Fuller View that covers this critical concept of comprehensive abundance. 

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“We now have the resources, technology and knowhow to make of this world a 100% physical success.”  - Buckminster Fuller

Commentary by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Buckminster Fuller evolved my life in so many ways. The first was when I read his book Utopia or Oblivion in the 1960s. I was on a search for answers to two questions that arose in my mind after the US dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. “What is the meaning of all our new powers that is good? What are positive images of the future equal to these powers?”

In my search I read through religion, philosophy and technology. I found this quote from Utopia or Oblivion, and it changed my life and gave me the clue to the answer to my question. Bucky offered his Design Science Revolution as an answer. He had probed deeply into the way nature works. He said, “Humanity is undergoing a viability test…” At that time he told us we had fifty years to demonstrate our viability… or fail.

This is exactly what is happening. It’s about fifty years since I read it. His insights galvanized me to try to understand how we could work with nature to transform the world.

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Commentary by Steven Sieden

This simple statement represents the essence of Buckminster Fuller’s most famous campaigns and is the hallmark of almost all of his work. He focused much of his life on educating people to this basic truth. And he was constantly crusading for the success of all people by reminding his audiences that such a feat was not just some pie-in-the-sky possibility but rather a necessity if humankind is to survive and thrive.

Bucky would often recount that success is now the single option available for the success of humankind, and that it had to be the success of everybody or nobody.  This paradigm shift from “you or me” to “you and me” is essential to his message and the welfare of future generations.

Although he also worked in and talked about unseen metaphysical realms, Bucky is known for championing the fact that we now have the ability to support all people at a higher standard of living than anyone currently experiences. He was making this seemingly outlandish statement in the late 1970’s, and it is as true today as it was then.

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May we all wake up to realize our abundance and share our gifts with all life on Earth, today and throughout future generations.

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